"a magnificent Andrew Varela doesn't just lend Javert his lyric baritone, but also shows us, in a moving rendition of 'Stars,' how frightened this seemingly confident man is."

~ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"As the arch enemy of Valjean, Andrew Varela plays the role of Javert with a stinging authority. He brings a superbly rounded humanity to the role of the bad guy. He's a marvelous actor and a singer of magnificent precision."

~ OnMilwaukee.com

"Arch nemesis, Javert (Andrew Varela), possesses a voice of such tornadic majesty that the Opera House's massive dimensions hardly pose a physical challenge."

~ Peter Marks, Washington Post

"Andrew Varela creates a Javert as beautiful as you've ever heard -- in ''Stars'' and in his suicidal ''Soliloquy'' (during which his moral framework crumbles after his life is saved by Valjean at the barricades) -- and one who's decidedly more kinky, too. In an early confrontation with Valjean, Varela's Javert promises the former convict a return to bondage, brandishing with sadistic glee the chains to do the job. Creepy, effective stuff."

~ Metro Weekly

"Varela's Javert is threatening without even one iota of overacting, rather he keeps the unyielding lawman grounded in reality, rendering the character all the more menacing. Varela's performance of "Stars" is nothing less than stunning."

~ Jeffrey Ellis, BroadwayWorld.com

"Andrew Varela is an outstanding, show-stealing Javert. While his rich baritone voice brought down the house in "Stars," what I'll remember most is the all-consuming ferocity of his gaze and the final agonized moments before his dramatic, vividly realized plunge into the Seine."

~ Mike Fisher, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Andrew Varela’s vocally dominant, commanding work as Javert, first on the stunning Stars and ultimately on the tragic Soliloquy. You’re not supposed to root for the villain in Les Miz, but now you do."

~ Miami Herald

"This production of Les Miz will be remembered by most of us for its production values and for the performance of Andrew Varela as Javert. As the officer of the law who mercilessly hunts Jean Valjean for years and years, Mr. Varela used his commanding stage presence and his masterfully powerful singing voice to make his performance one that is unforgettable."

~ BroadwayWorld.com

"Andrew Varela’s Javert avoids the overwrought classic tics to depict a human being who just happens to have a trumpet for a voice."

~ South Florida Theater Review

"But the truly breathtaking performance in this was Andrew Varela's heart-pounding rendition of Javert's paean to justice, 'Stars.'"

~ Chicago Daily Herald

"Andrew Varela's rich, expressive baritone soars in Javert's solos, but the impact is made far greater by his sympathetic approach to the role; conveying the character's troubled soul as he heroically fights for a cause he believes is God's will."

~ BroadwayWorld.com

"That Varela has stayed with the production is a blessing for Miami audiences: His renditions of... 'Stars' and 'Soliloquy", are magnificent."

~ Miami Herald

"Varela wholly embodies the authoritarian and legalistic Javert and his booming baritone voice is simply perfect for the memorable songs 'Stars”' and 'Soliloquy'. There's a reason he received extended applause on the night I attended the show – he was, by far, the standout performer."

~ DC Metro Theater Arts

"As the Pirate King, Andrew Varela seems to be dipped in Depp (black nail polish, permanently arched eyebrow and a twinkle as if he swallowed a Sparrow). His commanding delight is infectious and his singing equally assured."

~ Frank Rizzo, Variety

"Mr. Varela makes a dashing...breathtaking lead pirate"

~ New York Times

"Andrew Varela's Jud is one of the most human... revealing the turmoil—rage, fear, fight for self control—that is churning within him. Thus, Varela's Jud is both less menacing and more sympathetic than most. A most valid and interesting interpretation."

~ Talkin' Broadway.com

"…she is ravished by Jud, the brooding, sexually starved hired hand portrayed menacingly by Andrew Varela."

~ New York Times

"Andrew Varela almost walks off with the entire show in the last scene as Professor Bhaer."

~ Boston Herald